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Former Somaliland Rebel Leader Turns to Politics for

Ankara (SD) – Former Somaliland military official and rebel commander Cornel Said Awil Arre spoke to the media in Ankara, Turkey for the first time since he agreed to disband his rebel troops.

The former rebel leader declared he would join the national political process and called on the Somaliland government to implement the remaining items on their previous agreements.

The Former military official voiced his preference in bringing about changes in the yet unrecognized country by saying “It is better to turn to politics to bring about change rather than through the gun.”

Col Arre spoke to the Somaliland ministers in Sanag who are there to resolving issues in that region. “ministers in Sanag that are working to achieve peace may Allah help them.”

Col Arre, in his press conference today in Ankara addressed the Somalia Somaliland talks in Djibouti saying “we should welcome the Djibouti conference and the technical committees agreements”.

The former rebel leader agreed to disband his fighters and left Somaliland for Turkey under an undisclosed agreement with president Muse Bihi’s government early this year.

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