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Deputy PM urges Somalis to support flood victims

MOGADISHU (SD)-The Deputy Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Salah Ahmed Jama, paid a visit today to the Central Emergency Response Office of the National Drought Management Authority, where he was welcomed by officials from the organization.

Deputy Prime Minister Salah Ahmed Jama expressed deep concern for the Somali people who are suffering from the effects of the floods, and the consequences of the El Niño phenomenon.

“I share with the Somali people the impact of the droughts and the heavy rains that have affected various regions of the country, where the death toll is up to 10 people,” said the Deputy Prime Minister.

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Somali Government, Salah Ahmed Jama, stated that the government has been making efforts to address the challenges and find ways to help those affected by the disaster.

Finally, he urged the Somali public, especially the business community, to support the severely affected communities in the regions experiencing these crises.

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