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Derek Chauvin found guilty in the murder of George Floyd

Minneapolis (SD) – Minneapolis ex-Police officer Derek Chauvin, accused of causing George Floyd’s death last year, has been found guilty related to the May 25, 2020, killing of George Floyd in south Minneapolis.

The jury hearing the murder case found him guilty of all three counts, Chauvin faces three charges: second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter, making history in the US.

The United States is not used to prosecuting police officers who are accused of shooting innocent people of color, let alone convict them of murder.

George Floyd’s brother Philonise Floyd could be seen sitting with his head bowed and his hands folded in front of his face in prayer mode before the verdict was read.

“I was just praying they would find him guilty. As an African American, we usually never get justice,” Floyd said.

Prosecutors have told the court that Mr. Chauvin killed Mr. Floyd, but the accused defence team said that he has correctly followed his police training.

Massive world-wide outrage erupted after a video the brutal killing of George Floyd by police was posted on Social media.

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