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Hawiye: we do not recognize Farmajo as a President

Mogadishu (SD) – Somalia’s Hawiye community met in Mogadishu today and declared that they strongly oppose the President’s two year term extension.

The conference was attended by the opposition candidates, lawmakers, senators, traditional elders, scholars and others, declaring that they do not recognize Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo as the country’s legitimate President.

Federal MP Mahad Salad, read an statement issued at the conclusion of today’s Hawiye conference said “the conference does not recognize the Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo as a Somali president, despite him being in Villa Somalia”.

The statement also said, in order to safe the country, the leaders of the regional administrations and political shareholders should confine.

“The conference warns the consequences of the illegal extension, and makes it clear it’s responsibility squarely rests with the president and the House leadership” said the statement.

The conference has sent a strong warning to the army commanders, security and police saying they are currently engaged in the implementation of the illegal extension, telling the country’s armed forces to stay out of politics.

Finally, the Hawiye Community declared that the Parliament’s decision on April 12,2021 did not represent the will of the Somali people.

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