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Dispute resolution committee suspends results of the HOP-239 seat

Mogadishu (SD) – Electoral Dispute Resolution Committee has suspended the announcement of the official results of the HOP-239 and the election of Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Guled.

According to the statement from the commission, they have received a complaint from incumbent candidate Hussein Arab Isse.

The Election Implementation Committee was instructed to suspend the announcement of the official result of that seat until the Arbitration Committee decides on the appeal.

“The Electoral Dispute Resolution Commission, in the discharge of its mandate, instructs the Federal Electoral Commission to suspend the announcement of the official result of the Hop 239 seat, pending a decision on the case filed against that seat,” the committee said.

Mahdi Guled, a deputy prime minister, was elected by 97 votes yesterday, losing only four of votes to a contester.

Mahdi has been accused of taking over the seat from a community other than his own.

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