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Djibouti and Turkey sign cooperation agreement

ANKARA (SD) -The governments of Turkey and Djibouti have signed several agreements to enhance the relationship and cooperation between the two countries, as Turkey’s influence in the Horn of African countries continues to increase.

Turkish Defense Minister Yasar Guler and his Djiboutian counterpart, Hassan Omar Mohamed, held extensive talks in Ankara, discussing defense cooperation and other issues.

The two ministers have signed multiple agreements and memoranda of understanding, including a defense cooperation agreement and a financial cooperation agreement.

After the signing, the Defense Ministers of Turkey and Djibouti expressed that the agreement would greatly strengthen the relationship and cooperation between the two countries, building upon the agreements they have recently signed.

The Turkey-Djibouti agreement comes after both chambers of the federal government approved a defense and financial cooperation agreement with Turkey, with the Turkish government supporting efforts to defend the country’s sea.

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