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Djibouti Conference: Somalia Somaliland discussion enter their third day

Djibouti (SD) – Talks between technical committees representing the governments of Somalia and Somaliland in Djibouti entered in their third day.

According to sources close to the talks, the panel discussions are taking place behind closed doors and that US diplomats are playing facilitator role in the meetings.

The sides are yet to start discussions on the most controversial item on every Somali’s mind, whether to reunite or go separate ways.

Instead the committees opted to first tackle much easier topics for discussions, such us, cooperating on security, business, travel and to implement previous agreements between the countries.

These were the low hanging political fruits that were discussed today, and there are other issues that need to be addressed, which are believed to be difficult, but the parties have chosen to work on issues that are easier to discuss.

It’s not yet clear to Somalis everywhere how these discussions can be fruitful, given the lack of clear agenda and direction, not to mention the unfavorable facts on the ground in both Hargeisa and Mogadishu.

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