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Djibouti: Pilot Fu’ad Yusuf Ali could get the Death Penelty

Djibouti (SD) – The Djiboutian government has for the first time spoken of the arrest of a senior pirate pilot Fu’ad Yusuf Ali, who’s video from prison detailing inhumane treatment went viral.

Djibouti’s Attorney General Jama Suleiman Ali, speaking to the media in his office said that pilot Fu’ad had committed a serious crime which led to his arrest and that his could get the death penalty.

The prosecutor alleged that the pilot tried to escape with a military plane and completely destroyed a plane owned by the Djiboutian air force.
Jama accuses Faire pilot of threatening to kill military leaders and sharing Djibouti’s national intelligence with an enemy country, Eritrean.

The attorney general confirmed that Ethiopia played a major role in capturing the pilot, and that it handed him over to the government of Djibouti, which led to demonstrations in that country.

The prosecutor’s statement comes amid heavy demonstrations in Djibouti for the last couple of days.

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