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Djibouti to prosecute officials for releasing secret recording of president’s family

DJIBOUTI (SD) – Djibouti’s police chief Colonel Abdullahi Abdi, who is currently under house arrest, is due to go on trial soon.

According to the BBC Somali Service, Colonel Abdullahi has now been detained at Gabbood Prison, a notorious prison used by the Guelleh regime.

A statement from the Djiboutian prosecutor’s office said the incident is linked to the Djiboutian police chief and the country’s former Finance minister.

Reports say the commander and other officials are being accused of releasing secret tapes of the Djiboutian president’s family.

Former Djibouti Finance Minister Boode Ahmed Roble is also accused to have leaked the information.

However, the government did not elaborate on the nature of the video posted on social media.

Lawyers and the families of the detained officials have not commented on the matter.

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