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Djibouti: We delivered our Baladweyne pledge donation 7 ago

Mogadishu (SD) – The Djiboutian government confirmed that it had handed over the $600,000 in aid for Beledweyne floods to the Somalia’s Ministry of Disaster Management 7 months ago.

Djibouti’s Ambassador to Somalia, Aden Hassan Aden (Belello), said his government has delivered the funds to Somalia on time and that its not for his government to interfere in how the funds are managed.

“We do not manage Somali governments responsibilities, we have great confidence that the Somali government will deliver aid to their people,” said Adan Hassan Adan.

Baladweyne flood committee recently accused the Djibouti government of failing to pay for their pledged emergency aid to Baladweyne.

But a day later, the Hirshabelle President posted on his Twitter account, that Djiboutian government paid the pledged donation for Beledweyne’s floods.

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