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Somaliland: Singer Salah Arab released from detention

Hargeisa (SD) – Singer Salah Arab was arrested in Hargeisa a few days ago after a recent trip from Mogadishu, Somalia.

The release of the singer came after a recording from prison was released saying he was not Somali and no one had the right to arrested him for visiting Mogadishu.

Somaliland officials and singers are prohibited visiting Mogadishu, since such visits are seen political.

“I am an artist I have not committed any crime, I have been arrested in a prison of thieves and murderers. An artist was never arrested there before me. I was being discriminated against because of my tribe. I asked god to give me justice, ”the artist said.

The singer thanked the Somaliland government and the public but said he would not thank Somaliland artists.

Meanwhile, there are still two other detained artists who accompanied Salah Arab to Mogadishu.

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