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Drone strikes kill Al Shahab leaders in southern Somalia

Mogadishu (SD) – Reports from Middle Juba and Lower Shabelle regions say that two different areas have been hit by airstrikes.

 Somali government officials confirmed to local news media in Mogadishu that Al-Shabaab leaders have been targeted.

The drones targeted the Haway region, government forces confirmed that a senior Al-Shabaab official Dahir Maalim was killed and other members of his entourage.

Meanwhile, airstrikes hit Sablale, Lower Shabelle, and government officials said the target was an al-Shabaab official, adding that Ahmed Nur, a senior al-Shabaab member, was killed in that attack.

It is not known whether civilians were harmed by the strike, shelling in southern Somalia caused civilians casualties in the past, as previously reported by human rights organizations.

Al Shabab officials in Somalia are yet to confirm or deny the latest drone strakes in southern Somalia.

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