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Somaliland government imposes heavy fines on Universal and Star TV Stations

Hargeisa (SD) – The government of the Republic of Somaliland has slapped heavy fines on the recently shut down Universal and Star TV stations for broadcasting defamatory remarks against the Republic of Somaliland.

Director General of the Ministry of Information, Culture and Awareness Mukhtar Mohamed Ali, on an press release, confirmed the fines imposed on the two TV stations.

“We have decided to fine Universal TV $ 15,000 and Star Tv was fined $ 5000. The money will be deposited in the federal treasury by the TV Outlets, they will then bring Receipts to the Ministry of Information, Culture and Awareness”. Said the DG’s statement.

The ministry added that both media outlets should prepare for a new agreement with the Ministry of Information.

Universal Tv and Star TV have yet to respond to fines and the additional demands made by Somaliland Government.

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