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UK and Somaliland discussed the Las Anod violence and the overdue elections

Hargeisa May 24, 2023 (SD) – The new British Ambassador to Somalia, Amb. Mike Nithavrianakis, and the outgoing President of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, discussed the conflict in Laascaanood and the enclave’s overdue and contentious elections.

During their meeting at the Presidential Palace in Hargeisa, they extensively discussed the situation in Laascaanood and Bihi informed the Ambassador that Somaliland seeks a peaceful resolution.

“The meeting discussed finding a peaceful solution to the conflict in Laascaanood, and the President shared with the Ambassador that the government always seeks peaceful resolutions and considers peace a priority,” stated a press release issued after the meeting.

However, the UK Ambassador to Somalia tweeted.

President Bihi in a recent speech at the May 18 independence celebrations confirmed that he intends to never stop the fighting until an inch of Somaliland territory is missing.

Furthermore, the meeting addressed the preparations for the upcoming elections, with the Ambassador asking that efforts must be made to ensure a transparent electoral process.

“The meeting also touched upon the ongoing preparations for the upcoming Somaliland elections, and the President assured the Ambassador of the commitment to a fair electoral process, including voter registration and participation,” the press release added.

Lastly, the meeting discussed the UK’s support for development projects in Somaliland, particularly the Berbera Port and the Berbera Corridor.

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