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Ethiopia asks Somaliland to reconsider Egyptian military base request, sources say

Hargeisa (SD) – A delegation from the Ethiopian government led by the Minister of Finance, Ahmed Shide landed in Hargeisa yesterday, where they were warmly welcomed at Egal Airport in Hargeisa.

Minister Ahmed Shide spoke to President Muse Bihi about Somaliland’s new relationship with Egypt and asked the president to reconsider the Egyptian government’s military requests, according to sources knowledgeable on the matter.

President Bihi and the delegation also discussed the strengthening of relations between the two sides, which in recent times appeared to be declining, and how the two sides could further cooperate on trade matters.

The delegation returned to Ethiopia yesterday, fulfilling their main purpose of delivering their concerns with Egypt’s request for a military base to President Muse Bihi, according to anonymous sources.

Ahmed Shide’s visit comes as Egyptian officials recently visited Hargeisa and requested that the Bihi government provide them with a military base.

Ethiopia a close ally of Somaliland is currently mired in a Nile river dispute with Egypt and feels threatened by the new prospect of them getting a military base in Hargeisa.

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