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Ethiopia changes its tone on MoU with Somaliland

ADDIS ABABA (SD) – The National Security Advisor of Ethiopia, Redwan Hussein, has stated that Addis Ababa is prepared to engage with its friends to facilitate peace, aiming to resolve the ongoing maritime dispute between Somalia and Somaliland arising from the maritime agreement declared by the Republic that claims self-rule in Somaliland.

“As part of our commitment, we shall redouble our effort to ensure a better understanding. Will listen to friends for a possible coordination of efforts lowering rhetoric,” Mr. Redwan posted on X (formerly Twitter).

“Will continue striving to steadily reach at a conclusion with amicable considerations which benefit all,” he added.

On Monday, Mr. Redwan accused countries he claimed were benefiting from the conflict between Somalia and Ethiopia. His remarks were seen as directed towards Egypt, which has shown support to Somalia’s sovereignty.

Tensions escalated following Ethiopia’s announcement of a comprehensive agreement with Somaliland at the beginning of the month.

The agreement grants Ethiopia access to a strategic port and economic privileges, while Ethiopia recognises Somaliland.

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