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Somalia: Parliament approves Constitutional Amendments

MOGADISHU (SD) – Members of both Houses of the Federal Parliament of Somalia met today at Villa Hargeisa, where they discussed amendments to the country’s Provisional Constitution.

During the meeting of the two Houses, which was closed to the media, substantial changes were made to the Constitution, which was widely campaigned for the presidency of Somalia.

A notable number of members from both Houses strongly opposed the amendments to the Constitution and caused disruptions at the meeting.

A significant portion of the members of both Houses strongly expressed their objection to the amendments of the Constitution, advocating for a substantial revision. These members held a separate meeting at the parliament’s headquarters, expressing their concerns about the constitutional amendments.

The parliamentarians have not approved the agenda of the meeting and the procedure has not been discussed. Speaker Sheikh Adan Madobe announced that 180 members had supported the amendment, while 30 members had rejected the changes proposed for the Provisional Constitution of Somalia.

Prominent opposition politicians strongly criticized the constitutional changes, expressing significant concerns about the political implications that may arise from the approved amendments.

The decision made by the parliamentarians regarding the constitutional changes will likely cause some renewed political tension in the country.

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