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Ethiopia defends MoU with Somaliland

ADDIS ABABA (SD) -The Ethiopian government has once again today defended the agreement it made with Somaliland against the strong opposition from the federal government of Somalia.

Somaliland has described the agreement as leasing 20 km of the coastline to Ethiopia for 50 years, while Ethiopia claims it will “grant recognition” to Somaliland.

Redwan Hussain, the National Security Advisor to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali, spoke with the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), and stated that the “international criticism” arising from the agreement is “unjustified.”

Redwan defended Ethiopia’s decision to engage with Somaliland, stating that “even though Somaliland does not have full recognition, it has previously entered into agreements with various countries, with ongoing development agreements.”

He cited the 2017 agreement between Ethiopia, Dubai-based DP World, and the Somaliland Ports Authority related to the management of Berbera Port.

However, the Somali government has labeled Ethiopia’s engagement with Somaliland as a “violation” of Somalia’s sovereignty, urging the African Union and the Arab League to convene urgent meetings on the matter.

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