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Ethiopia: Mysterious disease spreads in Somali region

Jigjiga November 09, 2022 (SD) – The government of the Somali region in Ethiopia said that in the last few days, people in the region are infected with an unknown illness.

Medical tests on some of the sick people revealed that these people do not contract the deadly dengue fever, currently ravaging the region, according to Abukar Sheikh Adan, the Director of the Emergency Management Department of the Health Office in the Somali region.

The mysterious disease is said to be spreading all over the Somali regional government of Ethiopia, as patients are being brought to the capital.

The disease is still unknown to medical experts, although its symptoms are said to be similar to other diseases such as the common cold.

Patients exhibiting severe fever, palpitation and other symptoms are seen in some parts of the Somali regional government including the city of Jigjiga.

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