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The first female-led political organization registered in Somaliland

Hargeisa November 08, 2022 (SD) – OGAAL, the sole political organization with a female leader is one of the the fourteen mostly male-run political organizations registered in Somaliland.

Rooda Abdi Muse, the chairman of the OGAAL political organization is one of the few women in Somaliland politics in recent years.

She previously competed in the local council elections held in Somaliland and became one of the women who lost their bid in that one-person one-vote election.

“The biggest challenge for me is the lack of support, the14 men competing with me, each of their families know that he is going to win and they are standing by him. But my family doesn’t recognize me, I am self-sufficient and I will continue as much as I can and hope that I will succeed unless the cultural and economic circumstances obstruct me from achieving my political ambitions.” Rooda told Bilan media recently.

Rooda Muse returned from the diaspora, studied in European countries, and held various positions related to social issues and campaigning for women’s participation in Somaliland politics.

“I am running so i can be an example to every girl, and that they have the right to get their political share, the women of Somaliland cast the most vote, with some awareness they will vote for a woman”. said Rooda Abdi Muse.

This is the first time in Somaliland a woman-led political organization succeeded in being registered as a political organization.

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