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Somaliland: opposition leader and Journalist arrested

Hargeisa November 09, 2022 (SD) – Somaliland today arrested the chairman of the Somaliland opposition party Waddani in Sheikh district and a reporter from the CBA in that region.

Chairman Mohamed Mohamud Yusuf and the CBA reporter who was broadcasting the news of the reception of the party leaders in the district were arrested.

Waddani party criticized the arrest of the regional chairman and the journalist by the Somaliland government calling it a move in an attempt to deprive the people of their freedom.

“I strongly condemn the government’s arrest of the Waddani party chairman in Sheikh district, while organizing the reception of the party’s leadership, as well as the CBA reporter who was reporting on it,” said Cirro.

Adding “It is an abuse of power by the ruling party, a desperate move of repression, depriving citizens of their basic freedom,”.

The government of Somaliland is yet to address the arrest of the politician and the journalist who after their arrest were transferred to Mandheera prison, located in the Sahel region.

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