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UN Chief and Somali President meet in Mogadishu

Mogadishu April 11, 2023 (SD) – The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, held a productive meeting with the United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, during his historic visit to Somalia.

President Hassan Sheikh and Secretary-General Guterres discussed bilateral cooperation, the government’s development plans, security challenges, and the need for the United Nations to provide greater support for Somalia to achieve its objectives.

The President highlighted the significant achievements made in ensuring peace and security, combating terrorism, debt relief, economic development, and agreements with international financial institutions.

Additionally, the President expressed his concern about the humanitarian situation and the difficult conditions facing the Somali people, including the devastating effects of climate change, displacement, and conflict.

“This is a timely visit that underscores the UN’s commitment to supporting Somalia’s democratic government and development plan. The visit will show that the United Nations is fully committed to supporting the government’s efforts to stabilize and rebuild the country. We hope that the Somali people will be empowered to address the challenges and obstacles they face, including the ongoing conflict and instability.” said President Hassan.

The President of the Republic expressed his gratitude to the Secretary-General of the United Nations for his visit to Somalia, and he stressed his desire for the Somali government and people to receive the support they need for stability, peace, and prosperity in the country.

Meanwhile, Secretary-General António Guterres expressed his delight at visiting Somalia, and he praised the President for the warm welcome and their commitment to the country’s progress and development. He also acknowledged the challenges and difficulties facing the government and people of Somalia and reaffirmed the United Nations’ commitment to providing support and assistance to the country.

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