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Ethiopia: Somali regional parliament elects woman speaker, re-elects President Agjar

Jigjiga (SD) – Parliament of the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia has for the first time elected a female as their Speaker of the House.

Ms. Ayaan Abdi officially took over as the Speaker of the Somali Regional State Parliament today
Also, today’s session of the Somali regional parliament swore in the members of the local government by the chairman of the Supreme Court Abdullahi Said Omar.

On the other hand, President Mustafe Agjar was once again elected as the President Somali regional government for the next five years.

Ibrahim Osman Farah was also elected vice president of the Somali Regional State based in Jigjiga.
Cagjar was initially the vice president, but retained the presidency, following the resignation of President Abdi Iley in 2018.

President Mustafe Cagjar has previously promised to include members of the opposition in his new government, so far there are few members of the opposition considering a post in his cabinet.

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