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Ethiopia: Somali Regional President warns against Al Shabaab Influence

Jigjiga September 13,2022 (SD) – The President of the Somali regional government of Ethiopia, Mustafa Cagjar, along with a large delegation today arrived in Ceel-Kari district in Afdheer region.  

In a long speech The President addressed Ceel-Kari people, advising them against Al-Shabaab group infiltrations and that the people should always be aware of the ways they influence people.  

President Cagjar, in his speech, said and admitted that Ceel-Kari District is very poor and far behind in terms of basic services and developments and needs a lot of progress to reach the rest of the districts.

The President mentioned that Al- Shabaab group wants to turn the district of Ceel-Kadir into  conflict zone, making it inaccessible to governmental institutions, making the district’s standards lower than it currently is.  

At the end of his speech, President Cagjar asked the people that the government and the people should join hands and become one, so that the ideological goals of Al-Shabaab group never gets implemented in the region.

Al Shabaab recently launched deadly attacks inside Ethiopia’s Somali Region, with the group reportedly planning further incursions.

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