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Galgadud: Local Militias organize to rid Al Shabaab of their communities

Mogadishu September 14, 2022 (SD) Organized gatherings to fight against Al-Shabaab were held in the district of Baxdo, Galgadud region, with the Officers of Somalia National Army with the local armed forces. 

Traditional elders and Military Officials arrived in Cada-Kibir district where local armed community forces gathered to fight against Al-Shabaab as well. 

The Army Officers and elders who spoke to the local community forces, and a number of new local volunteers who joined and took up arms against Al-Shabaab, were told to be prepared to fight against The Extremist Terrorists that will soon be cleared from Galgadud region. 

Some of the elders and other men who took up arms said that they are fed up, and ready to fight Al-Shabaab to defend themselves and their people against the group, in which they said are used taking their livestock and at the same times imposes forced hefty taxes on them.  

There is a robust mobilizations among local communities, taking up arms to fight and get rid of Al-Shabaab in Baxdo District, and the surrounding areas. 

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