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Ethiopia: Somali Regional State Parliament Sacks 12 MP’s

Jigjiga (SD) – Ethiopia’s Somali regional state parliament has sacked 12 lawmakers today after a motion of confidence sparked a dispute in the parliament.

The sacked Parliamentarians were planning to forward a motion to parliament dismissing the regional state leaders.

After the chairman rejected their motion, the 12 MPs tried to disrupt the session, security forces entered the parliament and were seen clashing with MP’s.

The Somali state police were also seen occupying Jigjiga’s main streets, sparking fears of violence in the capital.

The Somali State Parliament recently lost its speaker, and some MP’s initially wanted to elect a new speaker but felt they were obstructed by the state government, causing the parliamentarians to forward a confidence motion.

The Somali state didn’t address the accusations or today’s clashes at the parliament.

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