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Ethiopia: The recognition of Somaliland is the correct decision

ADDIS ABABA (SD)Ethiopian State Minister of Industry Mr. Tarekegn Bululta has described his government’s decision to recognize Somaliland as a correct one, enabling Ethiopia to gain access to the sea. In a statement posted on X, Mr. Bululta expressed that Ethiopia’s longstanding dream of securing a maritime outlet has now become a reality.

The State Minister also emphasized that the decision by the Addis Ababa administration to recognize the Self-declared Republic of Somaliland administration is appropriate and commended the prior agreement reached between Ethiopia and Somaliland.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed reached a memorandum of understanding with the President of the Self-declared Republic of Somaliland, through which Ethiopia aims to obtain access to a Somali-owned maritime route while in return offering recognition to the Somaliland administration.

The Somali government has strongly opposed Ethiopia’s ambitions to access parts of Somalia’s territorial waters and has taken firm steps to reject Ethiopia’s aspirations.

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