The comments of European Union envoy to Somalia pertaining to Republic of Somaliland loose Unity is very important whistle blow!!!

Somaliland lost real grip of independent paramount In comparison to back certain years- where Somaliland Republic was more United, committed and focusing on recognition as valid and fantastic government in the Horn of Africa.

But it seems that Somaliland position of integrity plummeted in certain level, due to some denial and defy of fellow citizens rights- which has not been based on very fundamental reasons.

The analyzation and review of EU envoy in Somalia about Somaliland situation based on fact findings of genuine assessment how Somaliland Republic manages to reach the demanding stage and successfully implement very strategic plans about the vital issues.

The shenanigan and whataboutism of covering up complaints and concerns related to existing circumstances totally have been ignored. And there is no attempt of remedying the problems in certain areas.

Complacency only makes deadlock every path of success and unity generated by pure integration of the society in equal rights throughout the resources and power sharing.

The biggest problem of Somaliland Republic emanates from the share of Nation’s resources equally from East to West in all time.

The accolade of Somaliland fundamental and basic needs vanish step by step and people fade away that position miles and miles away every single moment.

The truth is as following.

Somaliland Republic has got a dry and desert lands that has been unable to receive the governmental support and supplement for three decades.
Especially very remote areas like Buhodle, Badhan, Borama, Ceel Afweyn, Salahley, Baligubadle, Oodweyne, Alleybaday and many more destitute economically areas.

There has never be legislative body that determines fair share of country’s economical resources to those neglected constituencies. That absolutely enfeebles the unity and better persistence of Somaliland Republic promising strategy.

It is quite dubious failure to target very outstanding plan of resolving the current poverty in those areas above mention mentioned. Huge skeptical campaigns and division cut the strong chain of Somaliland unity of governance.

The International Communities react and virtualize the crack getting bigger and bigger in Somaliland better and positive continuation.
Still Somaliland Republic has got very wonderful time to strengthen and repair the damage occurred recently.

As much as barren plans applied for the sake of political lobbying and campaigns gaining essential victory by incumbent of Somaliland government to sustain another terms or bringing conformist government that replaces the current one- an explosion public scattering takes places.

The loose Unity of Somaliland Republic turnouts creates total ignoring and segregation of business and political opportunities- which restyles completely Somaliland Republic into distraction and failure at the end.
The forgotten constituencies of no economical resources could not peddle unprofitable name only of Somaliland Republic.

It looks some people claw back confident and trust due to living in totally abandoned and forgotten area that still thirst and hunger the wealth of massive resources in the country.

The fellow citizens have every right and eligibility to berate the central government denial and defy for sharing the resources of the country.

For an other shocking testimony reveals that Sheep leads Wolves- Where tough hero living in among heroes were completely denied to serve and participate the system with dignity and reputation of huge skills and talented knowledges in every single fields putting Somaliland Republic in the strong and fast lane.

Unless Somaliland Republic speedily fix and repair the damages done- the crack gets bigger and that principle will be subverted in two shakes of Lamb’s Tail.

I normally support President Muse Bihi Abdi Administration, but it is getting a problem right now- that needs national addressing and very fair sharing of both economical resource and power as well.

And also putting Sheep behind the Wolves- there is no reason Sheep lead Wolves as they take nowhere to this nation except collapse and failure.

If European Union in Somalia comments that Somaliland Republic Unity weakens recently- it is really true. But find out what caused and repair it or rely on the Sheep that the President of Somaliland puts in front of Wolves, hero lives in among heroes deserves recognition and benefit of philosophical and creative of leadership to succeed in time.

Somaliland Republic is Lame duck that gets off the rails of independence and sovereignty in terms of forgetting parts of the country that shout out fairness, equality and democratic share of governmental resources.

Remember, certain number of Somaliland people reside in constituencies of totally drought and dry seasons and the executive body and legislative body never debate promoting the basic and essential services citizens entitle respectfully.

What dwindles Somaliland Republic unity is that whether your insights more farsighted or not.

And Do not surprise the comments of European Union envoy pertaining to Somaliland current situation- sometimes criticism gives a nation an encouragement and speed of sorting out the complication in the right time.
Somaliland Republic populations dwell in different areas and different circumstance that should be given a national consideration of every specific area and supply the fair eligibility of National resources of the country.
That cautious culture of politics provides a nation solid integration, trust, truth and acceptance of constant sustainability.

Government means sharing and it is out of orbit in certain reasons- just gaze and glance those around you, Mr. President and often your eyes catch up.

The only solution seems to be let us share or dispense.

Hope the difficulties and mismanagement identify every single problem and sort out to maintain the principle and belief as a Nation in the future.
The speech of European Union envoy was whistleblower that Somaliland should analyze, assess and enhance our principle.

Any offence against Somaliland Republic our team refute and defend the country, but possibly when rays of mistaken lights shown throughout the tunnel, you simply cannot provide justification to falsify the denouncements, end off.

My respectful and honorable President Bihi should refrain from putting “Sheep in front of the Wolves” in his incumbency.
In other words putting the morons in front of the wises is actually very catastrophic and appalling situation denting the whole mission and ambition of Somaliland Republic into obvious deadlock.

By Abdilahi Hassan

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