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EU Special Representative making headway in Somaliland’s Election Conflict

Hargeisa July 24,2019(SD)-EU envoy Nicolás Berlanga Martinez, is liaising with President Bihi and the leaders of the opposition Parties Wadani and UCID, to bring together the three opposing views on elections. 

EU envoy met with leaders of the two opposition parties under the leadership of Abdikadir Haji Ismail Jirde and Faisal Ali Warabe. There was no official statement from the meeting but sources in the Horn of Africa newspaper reported the envoy presented the opposition 5 points that President Bihi had identified, which could lead to a political compromise. so that elections can be held on time.

The key issue to be dealt with is the number of new electoral commission. The government and the Kulmiye party believed that the election could be held for seven members of electoral commision, while the main opposition party believed that the electoral commission should be made up of nine members.

According to the report, the two opposition parties have accepted the proposal of the EU envoy and said they have agreed that if the parliament rejects the new 9-member electoral commission, it will allow it to enter the election by a seven-member electoral commission.

If EU envoys succeeds in this effort then the parties are expected to sign an agreement on electoral reform, which will pave the way for elections.

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