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Explosion near Halane targets a restaurant

Mogadishu (SD) Reports from Wadajir district in Mogadishu say that a heavy explosion has occurred at the entrance of Halane camp in Wadajir district.

The bomber struck near front of the Halane compound, home to representatives of the international community and Western embassies.

“The blast targeted a restaurant near a municipal tax collection point,” said a witness.

It is not yet clear what type the blast was, with preliminary reports saying it was a suicide bombing while other reports indicate that it was a landmine.

Reporters found it difficult to reach the area due to Federal security forces securing the crime scene.

It is not clear the extent of the damages caused by the blast, although there were preliminary reports of casualties.

“I condemn today’s bombing of a restaurant in Wadajir district by Al Shabaab terrorists, which resulted in the death and injury of innocent people. May God have mercy on the dead and give patience to their relatives and may God heal the wounded.” said Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble.

Adding “This heinous act shows how Al-Shabaab terrorists are shedding the blood of the Somali people indiscriminately, forcing us to cooperate in the fight against terrorism,”.

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