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Three senators elected in Jowhar, the rest to be elected today and tomorrow

Jowhar (SD) – The first phase of the Upper House elections of the Federal Parliament in HirShabelle has started yesterday with Senators Muse Sudi Yalahow, Nur Mohamed Gedi (Canjeeh) and Fartun Abdulkadir Farah being elected in Jowhar.

Senator Muse Sudi won the 1st seat in the election of members of the Upper House from HirShabelle, as the election kicked off with the seat he has held for the past four years.

Senator Nur Mohamed Gedi (Canjeeh) became the second senator elected from HirShabelle, with 78 votes, while Senator Fartun Abdulkadir Farah became the third senator elected in Jowhar.

Senator Fartun Abdulkadir Farah became the first woman elected to represent HirShabelle in the country’s Upper House.

Elections for three more seats are set to take place in Jowhar today, with the last two seats up for grabs the following day.

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