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Explosion targets restaurant in Kismayo, killing five

Kismayo (SD) – Reports from the port city of Kismayo in the lower Jubba region, say that a heavy explosion took place inside a restaurant in the city, killing many civilians and injuring others.

The blast took place inside a popular beach front restaurant called Cagaha Geli Xeebta, where many were having dinner.

The blast killed five civilians and wounded at least six others, the injured are being treated at Kismayo hospital.

The restaurant where the blast took place is located in a neighborhood called Qoryooley in the suburbs of Kismayo in the Lower Juba region.

It is not clear who the target of the blast was.

Jubbaland police and security forces are at the scene of the blast, currently conducting operations in the area in pursuit of the perpetrators of the bombing inside the restaurant.

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