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Unity Once Again: Somaliland does not represent the whole northern population

Minneapolis (SD) – The Unity Once Again Organization has responded to a recent statement from the Somaliland Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding Somalia’s Federal elections.

In a released statement, the movement informed the International Community that the Somaliland government does not represent the entire Northern Community in it’s separatist ideology.


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  1. The statement by “Once again organization ” in Minneapolis US depicting Somaliland as a non representative entity is grounded on a sifting sand, contradicting a historical facts of declaration of Somaliland as an independent entity. Aside from the union of 1960 that titled favourably to former Italian trustship, the genocidal tendencies committed against the people of Somaliland by the late military dictator paved the way of a national gathering attended by all clan representatives from regions of former British protectorater, and proclaimed Somaliland as an independent entity on 18th May 1991.

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