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Explosions rock Hiiraan, destroys Buulo-Burde bridge

Beledweyne October 19, 2022 (SD) – Buulo-Burde District of Hiran Region has recently been hit by a large explosion that has caused a number of deaths and injuries.

An explosion heard in Buulo-Burde district carried out by Al Shabaab with a car filled with explosive materials, destroyed by the bridge that connects the district over the river Shabelle.

Some parts of the bridge have been destroyed, making it difficult for any vehicle to use, there are also people who died and others were injured in the explosion.

The security forces of Buulo-Burde district and officials reached the place where the explosion took place, and are reportedly assessing and investigating the incident.

Other explosions also took place recently in Jalalaqsi district of Hiran region according to reports from that district.

The explosion was caused by a vehicle filled with explosives which targeted a center belonging to the ATMIS forces from Djibouti.

Unconfirmed reports say that the chairman of Jalalaqsi district Mohamed Dabashi and other officials were injured in the explosion.

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