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Prof. Samatar criticizes Somaliland’s relationship with Taiwan

Hargeisa October 18,2022 (SD) – Chairman of the Hilaac political organization, Prof. Ahmed Ismail Samatar criticized the relationship between Somaliland and the unrecognized Island of Taiwan.

Prof. Samatar argued instead of establishing a relationship with Taiwan, it would be better to discuss the Somaliland issue with China.

“Taiwan doesn’t bring you anything, and its been shunned(by the International community). It used to be the country that represented China in the Security Council and had a vote. Only 13 countries recognize Taiwan today, most of them are small islands in the Pacific and Latin America, and they pay them.” said Prof Samatar.

Adding “Here sits a country called China with one billion and three million people, the second largest economy in the world. If you are politically savvy, you know this. But If you’re looking for some funds from Taiwan, then that is different. But we have to face China and convince them of our quest.

The statement of the chairman of Hilaac political organization comes at a time when people are questioning the relationship between Somaliland and Taiwan, who is benefitting from it.

The governments of China and Somalia, who both claim Taiwan and Somaliland are part of their territories, have strongly opposed their diplomatic relations.

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