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Explosions rock Mogadishu tonight

MOGADISHU (SD) Some parts of Mogadishu tonight witnessed intense explosions today, causing panic among the population, and clashes erupted in the areas where these explosions occurred.

Among the places where the explosions were heard today was the vicinity of the Dabka Junction on Maka Al Mukarama Street, and explosions were also reported in other parts of the city.

There are reports of casualties from some of today’s explosions in Mogadishu, with hospitals stating that some of the wounded are children and their parents affected by the blasts.

Information released by the police in the Banadir region indicates that today’s explosions in the city were caused by improvised explosive devices in Plastic bags, planted in some parts of the city.

The situation in the city is currently tense with increased patrols and checkpoints, and residents of the city are discussing the explosions that occurred in parts of the city today, which have been uncommon in recent months.

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