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Faisal Ali Warabe elected UCID chairman for the fourth time

Hargeisa (SD) – UCID Chairman Faisal Ali Warabe, who led the party for 20 years, was re-elected to lead the party for another 5 years, in that party congress in Hargeisa.

The party also elected Omar Jama Farah as first deputy chairman, and Ali Hamud Jibril, Ismail F. Qadhuh, Said Omar Ahmed and Anab Abdi Hirsi were also elected as deputy chairpersons.

Chairman Faysal thanked the UCID party members for electing him once again, praising the party leadership, saying that his ambition is to develop a better governance in Somaliland.

“I thank you for electing me for the fourth time and for the next five years, I came back to this country for us to be a nation, and to take our place in the world,” said Faisal.

Faysal is the longest-serving chairman and candidate of Somaliland’s political parties, having served as the party’s leader since its inception in 2001.

The election of the chairman of UCID comes at a time of debate over the opening of political parties in the country which expires next year.

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