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Heavy fighting erupts in Bossaso again this morning

Bossaso (SD) – Heavy fighting broke out again this morning in Bossaso, between Puntland government forces and former PSF commander General Mohamud Osman Diyano.

The fighting started at around 5 am local time and heavy artillery fire could be heard in town.

Fighting is reportedly raging in the PSF compound where General Diyano is said to be hold up, who has rejected the dismissal of the Puntland president, and his troops.

Fighting has resumed amid efforts to find a peaceful solution to the current crisis.

Yesterday’s fighting left 10 soldiers and civilians dead and 40 others wounded, according to medical sources.

Residents have been displaced from the neighborhoods of Bossaso near the military bases, fearing that the fighting will continue and will affect security.

Businesses, ports, the airport and public transport in Bossaso are generally closed.

There are calls from religious leaders, peace activists and other Puntland intellectuals, but so far did succeed in ending the fighting in Bossaso.

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