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Faisal Ali Warabe supports Somaliland’s public Declaration

Hargeisa (SD) – The chairman of the opposition party, UCID Faisal Ali Warabe, has called for a consultative meeting to evaluate the Somaliland government led by President Muse Bihi.

Chairman Faisal welcomed a critical public declaration by Somaliland’s intellectuals, criticizing the government for slowing down progress and independence efforts.

Faisal Ali Warabe called the declarations a necessity and needs an action plan for it to lead to the intended corrections on the leadership.

He also called for an accountability meeting, attended by Somaliland intellectuals at home and from abroad, on the basis of public interest.

Faisal Ali Warabe’s statement comes at a time when there is an groundswell of opposition against the leadership of Muse Bihi.

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