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Faisal Ali Warabe Swipes at Sool Politicians, reverses same day

Hargeisa (SD) – UCID Chairman in two separate press conferences today, attacked Sool and Sanag politicians in Garowe and Hargeisa.

The erratic Politian waited in on President Deni’s feud with his deputy Karash, a Politian that hails from Sool.

“I would like to congratulate President Deni, I would encourage him to kick out Karash, just like you did with Dhobo Dared. they are troubling us too, like Bashe, who is against elections and he can’t even visit Lasanod or Kalabeyr” said the insult politician.

The diatribe caused uproar everywhere forcing Faisal Ali Warabe to apologise for his ugly and divisive comments.

Political insiders see the chairman’s attempted apology worse than his insults, as he claimed to help Dhulbahante communities that need help in Hargeisa.

Its not the first time Faisal Ali Warabe has mistaken tribal insults as political banter, he is seen hurdling insults at everyone on constant bases.

What is even sadder is that no one has yet dignified his constant political and social gaffs with a response, yet he keeps doubling down.

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