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Federal Electoral Commission split over the re-running election of seats in Baidoa

Baidoa (SD) – A statement from the Federal Electoral Commission today stated that the results of the HOP154 and HOP103 by-elections in Baidoa have been annulled.

According to FEIT, Incumbent MP Saredo Mohamed Abdalla, scrupulously won HOP154, sighting that her challenger was immature, leading to her re-election.

The election HOP103 seat was also suspended due to a complaint from the former Speaker of the House of Representatives who was barred him from running again.

The Federal Election Commission said HOP154 and HOP 103 seats would be re-run as they had not been processed as per the appropriate electoral processes.

On the other hand, Yusuf Mohamed Khaire (Gurow), a member of the Federal Electoral Commission, opposed the commission’s decision to re-run the Hop154 and Hop103 seats in Baidoa.

Gurow said there would be no re-run of the Hop154 & Hop103 seats although Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble welcomed the commission’s decision.

Yusuf Mohamed Khaire (Gurow), a South West member of the Federal Electoral Commission remarks appeare to undermine the commission’s decision.

The FEIT Election Commission has the final say on certifying the results of the election of MPs and issuing their identification cards.

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