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Federal Electoral Commission to vote for a new leadership

MOGADISHU (SD) – The Organizing Committee for the election of the Chairman of the Federal Electoral Commission has issued the timeline for the election of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Federal Electoral Commission and the Criteria for Candidates for the Chairperson & Vice-Chairman, the voting process and oversight.

A statement from the organizing committee outlined the requirements for the candidate to run for the post of Chairman.

The commission said a candidate running for chairmanship would have to pay $ 3,000, while a candidate for deputy chairman would have to pay $ 2,000.

Voting for the chairmanship of the commission is by secret ballot, in accordance with the procedure established by the committee elected to organize the board election.

The committee organizing the election of the chairperson of the Federal Electoral Implementation Committee announced today that on Saturday 15/01/2022 the election of the chairman of the committee will take place.

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