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FIET Announces Transfer of Garbaharey Seats to Elwaq

MOGADISHU (SD) – The Federal Electoral Commission (FIET) has issued a decision on the location of the disputed Jubaland’s Garbaharey 16-seat constituency.

A statement from the commission sent to the regional electoral body (SIET) today said that the election will be held in Elwaq district, the only Jubaland controlled region in Gedo.

“When the commission realized that it was not possible to hold elections in Garbaharey, it became necessary to find another safe location. The commission has decided to move the Garbaharey elections to Elwaq town in Gedo region, ”the statement said.

The Jubaland administration has previously stated that no elections will be held in Garbaharey, citing the existence of a non-Jubaland administration under the Somali National Security Agency.

The President of the Jubaland State of Somalia, Ahmed Mohamed Islam, has welcomed the decision of the Federal Electoral Commission (FEIT) to relocate the elections to Elwaq.

The Jubbaland State Election Implementation Committee (SIET) has announced that the 16-seat election will be held on the 16th and 18th of this month in Elwaq District of Gedo Region.

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