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Militants seize Eyl polling station

EYL (SD) – Armed militias have taken over the Eyl district council election hall in Nugal region, after an attack that caused casualties this morning.

The swearing in and election of the chairman of Eyl City Council was scheduled to take place yesterday.

The current Chairman and his deputy, both members of KAAH ruling political party declared their candidacy to run for chairmanship again, sparking controversy among KAAH council members.

Latest reports from Eyl district in Nugal region say that armed militias have taken over the hall for the election of the district commissioner and deputy district commissioner.

The militia clashed with the Puntland police and one person was injured in a shootout between the two sides.

KAAH has lost the Qardho and Ufeyn district council elections in April, Qardho, following local council elections on October 25, 2021.

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