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Fighting intensifies in Las Anod

Las Anod Feb 27, 2023 (SD) – A fierce battle between the Somaliland and local forces this morning has intensified today on the northeast side of the town of Las Anod.

Eyewitnesses said today’s clashes took place about 8 KM from the city, where the Somaliland military base is located.

SSC forces are said to have attacked Somaliland forces from several directions. The sources also confirm that the fighting between the two sides was the heaviest in days.

There are still no official details of the casualties resulting from the ongoing fighting. A press release from the SSC-Khatumo committee said that the fighting was started this morning by Somaliland.

But a statement from the Somaliland government said that troops from Puntland attacked areas where Somaliland troops were stationed. A claim that Puntland later denied.

The fighting comes a day after the Somaliland government declared yet another ceasefire and said it has removed its troops from some of its bases in Sool.

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