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Finnish Envoy to mediate President Bihi and the opposition

HARGEISA (SD) – The Kulmiye said that the Finnish government’s Envoy to the Horn of Africa, Sultan Said Ahmed, wants to mediate in the country’s presidential election dispute.

A statement published on the Kulmiye party’s Facebook page confirmed following a meeting with the envoy, that he wants to mediate the election dispute between the Somaliland government and the opposition.

“The Finnish government’s Envoy for the Horn of Africa, Sultan Said Ahmed, who is from Somaliland, accompanied by Awo Ahmed from the Finnish Embassy in Nairobi, said that he is interested on behalf of the European Union to intervene in the dispute regarding the elections in Somaliland.” the post said.

Kulmiye party leaders explained to the envoy the dispute between the opposition and the Somaliland president, told the envoy that their side is ready for mediation and any dialogue to end the current conflict.

The Finnish Envoy has also recently held meetings with the leaders of Somaliland’s opposition parties Waddani and UCID in the past few days, discussing the dispute over the elections and the matters of dispute.

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