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First woman elected first deputy speaker of Somalia’s Parliament

MOGADISHU (SD) – Saadia Yasin Haji Samatar made history by the first woman deputy speaker of the Somalia’s 11th parliament.

Saadia Yasin Haji Samatar won the election of the 11th deputy speaker of the Somali parliament after defeating her rival Mohamed Ali Omar (Anonug).

Saadia received 137 votes while Anonug received 107 votes, according to the speaker of the Somali parliament.

Meanwhile, the second deputy speaker of the house of the people was won by lawmaker Abdullahi Omar Abshirow with 146 votes while the incumbent Mahad Abdalla Awad received 95 votes.

The two deputies elected today were sworn in right after the vote count.

The election of the Speaker of the House of the People and his two deputies sets the stage for the country’s long awaited Presidential election

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