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Former Minister warns Muse Bihi against using force

Borama Feb 04, 2023(SD) – Somaliland’s former Minister of Agriculture Ahmed Muumin Seed, who is from the Awdal region, sent an open letter to outgoing president Muse Bihi today warning him of the army and repression of the people of Awdal.

The former minister stated in the letter that the president must understand that the country is inhabited by various communities that accepts the Somaliland government, but the President must understand that the people of Awdal cannot be forcibly repressed with troops and power.

If that is the case, Somaliland would’ve been part of Somalia. Adding that the President stop the repression of young people from the Awdal region with armed vehicles, causing fear and terror.

Remember, the Laascaanood crisis that is getting out of hand started with the same mobilization of young people.

The statement by the former minister comes at a time when today in the city of Borama, young people from Borama were prevented from commemorating people killed by the SNM in Awdal in the early 1990s.

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