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Former Prime Ministers of Somalia weigh in on electoral dispute

Garowe July 12, 2023 (SD) – The former Prime Ministers of Somalia, Omar Abdirashid and Abdiweli Gaas have been in Garowe for some time and were busy mediating between the regional government and the opposition.

Both officials have been involved in efforts to resolve the political dispute between the administration of President Deni and the opposition in Puntland, which recently led to clashes in Garowe.

During their stay in Puntland, they held various meetings with government officials, opposition politicians, representatives of certain clans, and various segments of society.

They also emphasized the need for timely implementation of the constitution, particularly as the Puntland presidential elections approach, so that the government can provide a well-prepared and comprehensive program for the electoral process.

They also urged that the most pressing issue be addressed, which is conducting the delayed local council elections in the three districts of Nugal Region, which witnessed the postponement of the overall electoral process in the 30 districts.

Omar Abdirashid and Abdiweli Gaas embarked on their journey to Mogadishu to discuss and share the outcomes of the mediation efforts aimed at resolving the recent conflict in Garowe.

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