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Former Somali foreign minister announces his candidacy and slams President Farmajo

MOGADISHU (SD) – Former Somali Foreign Minister Mohamed Abdirizak accuses the Somali president of putting the country in a difficult situation.

Mohamed Abdirizak, who said he was running for president, said that President Farmajo enacted a policy of mistrust and frustration and disrespected the constitution.

The former foreign minister accused Farmajo’s allies of leading the country to insecurity and high inflation, and for implementing what he called a “dictatorship”.

“Over the past five years, our people have experienced widespread inflation, insecurity, a series of droughts and, most importantly, a policy of impunity that does not respect the Constitution, the culture, the reconciliation and the rule of law. , ”He said at a presser today.

The former foreign minister has criticized the country’s parliamentary election process “The current election, which was described as a failure, was expected to take place in a transparent and democratic manner. Unfortunately, the politicians lost confidence in the Somali people and showed their dictatorship. They are still hoping to win the presidency.”

The former foreign minister, who had been in government for some time, was sacked late last year and have been criticizing President Farmajo and his administration ever since.

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